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Top Sewer & Drain Problems

Top sewer drain problems

There's nothing worse than having problems with the sewer lines and drains in your home. Sewer backups are not only disgusting, they're frustrating and very inconvenient. Sewer leaks hike up the water bill and waste resources. The more family members you have living in your home, the more frustrating it is when the plumbing doesn't work.

Older homes tend to have more problems with the sewer lines and drains. This is common for a variety of reasons. One, the pipes are old and may need replacing. Cracks or breaks in the line can cause frequent problems, especially if tree roots have broken into the pipes. Sediments can build up in the pipes and cause frequent clogs. And old sewer lines can collapse due to corrosion.

Whether you have drain problems or sewer line problems, you will need to have the issue assessed by a professional plumber. They need to determine what caused the issue and where the problem is located.

The Westchester plumbers at Aqueduct Services handle sewer and drain repairs every day. Here are some issues that may be causing your sewer and drain problems.

Symptoms of Sewer & Drain Problems

Since your sewer lines are under ground, you may not realize there is a clog within the pipes until you have drain symptoms like backups or slow moving drains.

At some point in time, every sewer pipe will eventually need to be replaced. They generally last around 50 years. Even if your sewer lines are new in some areas, they may be connected to an older pipe that runs to the sewer main.

Sewer leaks are hard to detect since they are underground. Clogs are easier to detect because they often back up into the home. Here are some common signs that tell you there is a sewer line problem.

  • Large wet areas in the lawn or under the house
  • Sluggish, slow moving drain lines
  • Back flow into the house
  • Bad odors coming from drains
  • Standing water in the shower

Detecting Sewer Leaks

Your plumber needs to detect the exact location of a sewer line leak in order to fix it. They should have the tools and equipment to troubleshoot the problem. Advanced tools allow them to pinpoint the leak, even when the leak is underneath the foundation, within the walls, or in the ground underneath the driveway or landscaping.

Cleaning Old Drains & Pipes

Professional drain cleaning will remove sediment buildup that causes corrosion. It is a common service which is handled by experienced plumbers who use water jetting. The plumber uses a special tool that is inserted into your pipes. High-pressure water streams blast through the hard sedimentary buildup, tree roots, or any other material that is caught in the drains. It does not harm the pipes, but does a thorough job of cleaning and sanitizing them. Everyone can benefit from this drain cleaning service whether they have slow moving drains or not.