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Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Testimonials

My wife and I had been searching for a contractor to remodel our bathroom. We were frustrated with the few contractors who actually returned a phone call and showed up to give an estimate. A local restaurateur was quick to recommend Aqueduct Services and assured us they were prompt and trustworthy. After speaking with Danny, he answered all our questions and even gave us a guarantee. Only someone confident in their work would give that! We now look forward to having a new boiler installed knowing Aqueduct provides good work and a good working relationship. Good working relationships are what's missing from contractors today.

- C V | Patterson, NY |

I absolutely loved Derek! He is so pleasant and was patient. Even my 5 year old son loved him. I’m very happy with Aqueduct.

- V K | Brewster, NY |

Everything is great. I know them from the BNI. I have a lot of confidence in them.

- M K | White Plains, NY |

Aqueduct Plumbing made our dream of a new master bathroom come true! A custom shower with several sprays, showerheads and a steam shower as well as double sinks and a bathtub were installed. We are 100 % pleased. We will definitely think of Aqueduct for our next house project.

- T F | Patterson, NY |

Dave did a great job, very professional, saw the problem immediately. Even wore the booties

- D A | Bedford, NY |

Everything was great, the technician was great

- J S | Carmel, NY |

The job was done satisfactory; I understood the Tech’s explanation of everything

- J M | Yonkers, NY |

I made several calls until I came to Aqueduct Services. You came immediately, made an assessment and told us the pump in our well must not be working. Being city folks, we had no clue what you were talking about nor did we even know how to find the well. Being the good-hearted soul that you are, you saw the look on our faces and helped us track through 4 feet of weed infested property, in the dark with flashlights, until we found the well. We can now say with confidence that we are not horrified when there is a plumbing problem because Danny is just a phone call away!

- C C | Pawling, NY |

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