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Water softeners

Wondering if you're a good candidate for water treatment services for your Westchester home? Do you still feel dirty when you get out of the shower?

Does your hair feel dry after you wash it? The problem may not be the soap or detergents you are using.

Your problem might be hard water which can be rectified by using a Westchester water softener. The term, "hard water," refers to water with a high mineral content.

The most common minerals that cause water hardness are calcium and magnesium. When these minerals end up in a Putnam and Westchester County household's water supply, household pipes become clogged and appliance efficiency is reduced.

Home water softener systems are machines that tap into the household water supply and filter water as it comes through to remove calcium and magnesium. We're the plumbing company to contact for all of your water treatment service needs.

Improve Your Home With Water Treatment Services

Simply put, softer water means less scale and soap scum build up. Putnam and Westchester County home water treatment and softener systems typically consist of a brine tank and the filter.

  • These systems are also equipped with a meter to indicate when the sodium needs to be recharged.
  • As water moves through the machine, calcium or magnesium ions change places with "softer" ions as they pass through the filter. The calcium or magnesium ions stay behind, and water continues through the pipes, softened by salt.
  • When the water softener is depleted, it is recharged by being flushed with brine. This drives off the calcium or magnesium ions, replacing them with sodium ions.

Aqueduct Services can test your home's water supply to see the amount of minerals present in your water. Water hardness is measured by the amount of minerals present in the water by grains per gallon (GPG), or parts per million (PPM).

Water with up to 1 GPG is soft, 1 to 3.5 GPG is considered average, and water with 3.5 to 7 GPG is classified as hard water. If you think you are experiencing hard water and need water treatment in your home, call the expert Westchester plumbers at Aqueduct Services today!

No matter what type of plumbing service you need, including emergency plumbing, we'll provide you with optimal results.