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Home Home Tips Spring Snow Melting and Sump Pumps – Should You Worry About The Basement?

Spring Snow Melting and Sump Pumps - Should You Worry About The Basement?

Spring snow melting sump pumps

As soon as warmer temperatures arrive, the spring thaw causes trouble for a lot of homeowners. Should you worry about your basement when the snow starts melting? Possibly.

Significant melting can happen all at once, especially after record snowfall. You may notice puddles developing in different places around roadways. This happens around basements too and only gets worse as groundwater is on the move.

The ground around and under the basement gets waterlogged as snowmelt occurs. Snow melts pretty quickly around a house because it's warmed by the sun during the day.

A sump pump installed in the basement will prevent flooding as the snow melts.

Sump Pumps Will Soon Be Flying Off The Shelves

As snow melts, sump pumps are in high demand. The best time to install a basement sump pump is before there's a problem.

Once the basement gets flooded, it's more expensive to install the sump pump because the water has to be pumped out by the plumber first. Act now before temperatures rise.

Types Of Sump Pumps For Basements

  • Pedestal sump pumps
  • Submersible sump pumps
  • Primary sump pump
  • Battery backup sump pumps

The size of sump pump needed will determine what type you should install. If an existing sump pump is not doing its job, you may need to upgrade.

Submersible pumps are installed below the foundation and need a bigger pit. Pedestal sump pumps are installed in a smaller pit on a pedestal with the motor above water level because it cannot get wet.

Your Sump Pump Should Be Operating During Snow Melt

It's possible for an existing pump to quit working when snow is melting. This often happens because snow refreezes at night and this can cause sump pump drain pipes to freeze. The pump isn't able to eject the water in the basement.

If the snow is not melting and the pump is running, you may have a plumbing leak.