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Look for the Following Signs of Air Conditioning Problems

Westchester ac repair

During the warmer months, your air conditioning unit is one of the most important installations within your home. So, as soon as you detect AC issues in your Westchester home, you need to call an experienced HVAC company to provide a dependable air conditioning repair. How, though, can you know it’s time to get a professional repair?

Easy: You simply need to look for some common signs of air conditioning problems. Should you detect any of these signs, you’ll need to call a dependable HVAC expert to provide the AC repair work you need to get cooled back down in no time. Keep on reading to learn what those signs are. No worries. These signs are simple enough, as you’re about to learn . . .

Poor Air Flow

Your AC unit can produce the coldest air possible, but if that air doesn’t get through your home, you won’t be able to enjoy it. So, it’s important that your AC can produce a strong and consistent air flow. This means that weak airflow is a sure sign that you’ve got some issues on your hands. These issues can be due to a number of problems:

  • Frozen AC lines
  • Damaged vents
  • Issues with your AC unit

Rising Thermostat

We’ve all seen it, and we’ve all dreaded it: You set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, yet you only see that temp go up and up and up throughout the day. What’s going on? We’ll tell you what: Your air conditioning unit is experiencing problems. So, when you find that your thermostat doesn’t sync up to its set temp, you need to call for an AC repair.

Strange Noises

A well-functioning air conditioning unit will purr like a kitten, as they say. Sure, you might notice a little light hum from your central unit -- but only if you really listen. So, if you easily notice the sounds coming from your AC, you’ve got problems on your hand. What sounds might these be? Well, to name a few common (and unnerving) examples:

  • Grinding
  • Unusually loud compressor
  • Clanging noises

Call Our Dependable Air Conditioning Company for Your AC Repair Needs

Have you detected any of the signs detailed above? If you have, you don’t need to waste any time before you call the professional Westchester plumbing and HVAC company, Aqueduct Services. We provide quick and dependable repair services that will get your home cooled back down in no time, no matter what kinds of AC problems you’re faced with.

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