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What Common Reasons Could Be Causing Your Drains to Back Up?

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The plumbing in your Westchester home is one of its most vital installations, as you’ll use it every day to cook, clean, and bathe. Unfortunately, if you find yourself saddled with sewer line problems, you may lose some or even all of your plumbing’s functionality. The good news is that a number of easily detectable signs usually signals this problem:

  • Slowly draining plumbing fixtures
  • Sewage backups in your pipes or yard
  • Unpleasant odors in and around your home

The less-good news is that detecting that there’s a problem is one thing—but fixing it is another. After all, your sewer line issues can be due to a number of factors. Still, knowing what those factors are is the first step to ensuring your plumber can provide a quick and accurate drain cleaning. So, when the signs as mentioned earlier begin to show their heads, consider any of these following likely problems:

Pipe Breakages

Perhaps the most common cause of sewer-line backs up is broken pipes. After all, your sewer pipes can break for a variety of reasons: age, ground movement, pressure from vehicles, etc. So, when you find yourself dealing with a sewer-line issue, chances are you’re also dealing with a breakage.

Buildups in Your Pipes

Not all sewer backups are due to something whose repair will be as involved as a broken pipe. In many cases, the problem is blockages building up within your sewer lines. This would be a better-case scenario for you, as the fix would usually be a line cleaning to remove the materials causing the buildup:

  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Dirt
  • Food
  • Scum

Roots Growing into Your Pipes

Then again, many other problems of your sewage backups can also be as involved as a breakage—perhaps more so even. For instance, you may be dealing with roots growing into your pipes. This can be a monster of a problem, but if you know that your sewer line runs near any trees, then chances are good you at least know why your sewage is backing up.

Let Our Westchester Plumbers Handle All of Your Drainage Problems Today

No matter the cause of your sewer-line backups, the solution is always the same: the experienced professionals at Aqueduct Services. With our experience and satisfaction guaranteed, our professional Westchester plumbing company can quickly identify and resolve the causes of all your sewer line issues. In no time, you’ll have the full use of all your essential plumbing installations once more, guaranteed.

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