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With a Whole-House Generator in Westchester from Aqueduct Services,The Power Stays On... Even When the Public Power Supply Shuts Down.

We all take a constant supply of electricity for granted.  After all, it's essential for safe, comfortable, and convenient living.  You flip a switch, a light comes on.  Your turn on a burner, you're ready to prepare dinner.  You adjust your thermostat, and the indoor temperature adjusts accordingly.  And so on.

Generator Westchester County

But what happens when the power is suddenly gone? Day or night, winter or summer, a sudden loss of power can cause more than major headaches. It can imperil family members who depend on electrically powered medical devices, threaten the security of your home, and perhaps even ruin valuable home electronic equipment. That's why more and more homeowners throughout Westchester, NY are turning to Aqueduct Services for a professionally installed whole-house generator. One of its key features is the automatic transfer switch which is designed to turn the unit on as soon as it detects that there has been an electrical power failure. Even if the voltage suddenly drops due to a fluctuation, the automatic transfer switch disconnects the house from the grid and the generator takes over the job of providing your home with continuous power at the proper voltage.

A whole-house generator- which runs on either natural or propane gas - automatically turns itself off, too. Plus, you don't have to constantly refill it with gasoline as you must with most portable generators. We have several whole-house generator options to choose from... including the right sized generator for your home and your budget. Contact us today, and we'll be glad to tell you more.

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We Provide Generators to the Following Areas:

Westchester County, NY- North Salem, NY (10560) | Bronxville, NY (10708) | Lewisboro, NY | South Salem, NY (10590) | Croton Falls, NY (10519) | Purdys, NY (10578) | Goldens Bridge, NY (10526) | Somers, NY (10589) | Katonah, NY (10536) | Cross River, NY (10518)

Why Westchester Should Hire Us for Their Generator Needs

Generator maintenance also helps the unit to run more effectively thus saving on the amount of energy used and reducing the amount of noise produced. A unit operating poorly can make as much noise as you would get from living near an airport and this can cause hearing loss. Plus, you want to make sure that your generator is in working condition when you actually need it.

We have the system that will fit your individual needs. Let us evaluate your existing generator, if you have one, and provide you with a competitive estimate for installation of a new energy efficient generator system in your Westchester County home today.

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