Up Front Flat Rate Pricing For Plumbing, Heating & Air Services

New York Plumbing ContractorUp front pricing means we charge by the job, not by the hour. you know the price before we start the work. Because we charge by the job, you never pay for a slow technician or for run around time for parts or other material.

Phone quotes are most often inaccurate. Because of the varied conditions, it's important that we inspect your unique situation before we quote the price. We also know our customers prefer a price before the work is begun. Because our commitment is to our customers, we use an up-front pricing system.

What are your main concerns as a customer when your equipment needs repair? How long is it going to take, and therefore, how much is it going to cost? Up-Front pricing takes the guess work out of your future service calls.

We diagnose the problem for a flat fee.
No matter how long it takes to find the problem.

The repair is based upon the total cost of the job itself including labor, materials, taxes etc. It doesn't matter how long it takes, or what problems may occur in doing the job, the price stays the same.

The Benefits of "Up-Front Pricing"

  • The total and exact cost is known before the job begins.

  • Length of time needed to do the job is no longer a concern, the price remains the same.

  • No hidden costs, the manual shows the cost in black and white.

  • Choose whether to do the job or not based on the known cost, not an estimate.

  • No more surprises when the bill comes.

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