Westchester County Building Analysis

Building Envelope Leakage Testing

Leakage in the building envelope is determined using a Blower Door. Leaks at windows, doors, wall outlets, and recessed lights are located using a smoke pencil.
(Required testing for ENERGY STAR specifications.)

HVAC System Leakage Test

Testing the HVAC system's leakage is done. Part of this testing procedure can include pressurizing the HVAC system and filling it with smoke to determine precise locations of air leakage. (Required testing for ENERGY STAR specifications.)

House Framing Inspection

Framing is a critical component of the building envelope, allowing for full and proper insulation of a building. The framing is inspected to insure that a continuous air and pressure barrier is provide to prevent the mixing of conditioned and unconditioned air.

Insulation Inspection

For a Putnam And Westchester County home to maintain temperature efficiently, a continuous boundary of insulation is necessary between the inside and outside. Insulation should be installed to the stated R-Value with careful attention to gaps, voids, compression, and mis-alignment, as these can allow unwanted air and heat exchange between the outside and inside. Careful attention must be paid in areas where the insulation has to fit around obstacles such as pipes, electrical wiring, and outlets.

  • Locate, Prioritize and Document Heat Loss Problems

  • Pinpoint Missing, Damaged and Wet Insulation, Vapor Barrier Breaches

  • Locate Causes of Frozen Pipes, Ice Dams, Mold Infestation

  • Reveal Cost-Effective Options for Green Retrofits & LEED® Credits*

  • Pinpoint Cold Air Infiltration, Moisture Buildup, and more

  • Help Reduce Heating Costs, Increases in Energy Efficiency and Personal Comfort

  • Our Westchester Building Analysis Services Include:

    • Home Energy Audit
    • Energy Audit
    • Blower Door Testing
    • Energy Conservation
    • Energy Auditing
    • Energy Saving
    • Audit Energy
    • Saving Energy
    • Home Insulation
    • Framing Inspection
    • HVAC System Leakage
    • Home Audit

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